Safety is always an important issue. There are times when we operate some distance from rescue resources and/or in open waters. Accordingly we have developed a comprehensive Operations Manual which specifies how we operate according to varying locations and conditions. Members are also expected to complete a Self Assessment Safety Form each year. We also typically run capsize practice session each year.

Forms and Manuals

Reports from Practice Days and Incidents

  • Capsize and MOB Practice Session – 3rd February 2019. Read Jim Black’s report with contributions by attendees here. Slideshows of photos taken on the day are here.
  • Jim Black’s report on the lessons learned at the OGA Safety Day – Feb 2020. See here.
  • Jim Black’s compilation of the lessons learned from the capsizes at Walpole 2020. See here.
  • Peter Kovesi’s thoughts on safety on Whimbrel here.
  • Lessons learned from capsize during Retro race in November 2022 here.