Robert & Susan King

Previous owner

Tony Larard

Club sail number

C 1

Length and Beam

LOA:28ft   LOD:24ft  Beam:8.8ft

Keel/Centreboard and draft

Keel (originally centreboard) 3.3ft


Weight: 2.7 tonnes


Robin Gourley


Based on design of Wangara


K. Brown

Build location and year

Cottesloe. Approx 1950

Cabin/Open etc

Originally more open, now cabin


Gaff sloop

Sail area

249 ft2


NZ Kauri on Jarrah? (not certain). Sheathed in fibreglass 2010


20 hp Beta Marine Diesel

DoT Registration



Was based at Claremont Yacht Club for about 25 years with 3 owners, then languished in various parts of Freo till rescued by Tony Larard in 2008. He spent considerable time and money getting her back into sailable condition for his retirement. Robin Gourley, a prominent yachtsman & boat builder from the Raters era, told Tony that Vagabond was either based on Robin’s yacht Wangara or he had actually lent the moulds of Wangara to the builders. Both were similar of the plumb stem & stern type, with centre plates & a low cabin with rounded coamings at the front.

Tony spent a year getting her back to sailing condition: his boatbuilding apprenticeship came into its own now. The forward half was raised two planks to try to give a bit more headroom below, and a small cabin added. The centreplate was not restored and a fin keel added in lieu. Restoring the planking was going to be too much work and expense so the alternative was to sheath the hull & new deck in fibreglass, done professionally. Finally she was fitted with a gaff rig similar to her original though the bowsprit was shortened for convenience of berthing & she had a corresponding smaller jib than she would have had originally.

Unfortunately Tony became ill in 2013 and had to sell. Purchased by present owners in 2014 & returned to CYC.

See the March 2016 Newsletter for more on the history of Vagabond.

Vagabond, at the time owned by Sam Small, was one of 15 starters in the first OGA race, from Perth Flying Squadron, on 18th April 1982.