Elly Spillekom has advised that the new owners of the ferry MV Perth will be conducting a tour of MV Perth at 10am on Saturday 13th April for ABBA / MHA and have extended an invitation to our members as well (Thanks Elly!)

The new owners of the 110-year-old, MV Perth ferry, that is now moored in Fremantle, have kindly offered to host a Saturday morning tour on the 13th of April at 10 AM at the MV Perth ferry jetty. That is the last jetty at the Capo D’Orlando Dr. Look for the ABBA [ Amateurs Boat Building] sign in front of the gate. Parking available. There is a gate. But we make sure it will be open. Greg Brown from MV Perth will tell us about the exciting plans they have for her.

But wait, there’s more. The new owners also own and operate the steam driven ferry, The Decoy, and have very kindly offered free tickets for an afternoon cruise leaving from and returning to her home in South Perth. You can get the event for free!
This is the information about the bookings on PS Decoy:
If you go to the website of the PS Decoy https://psdecoy.com.au/ 
You can find the list of events.  Use the promocode; promo99 by sending the name of the event you want to attend together with the promocode and send an email to events@psdecoy.com.au