These two historically significant WA yachts are looking for new owners.


Ballerina R76 is a classic 26 ft long timber yacht. She was built in Bunbury and launched in 1950 but is still winning races including the recent Swan River Retro Series. She uses double diagonal construction and is fitted with 4 winches and traditional bronze fittings. She comes with 2 jibs, 2 mails and good batteries. There is no engine.

In recent years, over $5,000 was spent on a new Oregan/Western Red Cedar mast using hollow bird’s mouth construction. The rigging was also replaced. The hull has been inspected with many copper nails and roves replaced.

She is sitting in a pen in Perth. The owner wants Ballerina to go to someone who appreciates her and will continue to look after her. Contact Bruce Cadee ( ph 0419 508 785) who can advise of the location and will pass on any enquiries to the owner.


Anyone who lived in Perth during the 1960’s and 70’s would have heard of “Panamuna”. She currently hangs on a mooring in Freshwater Bay, very near RFBYC.

Panamuna, Eun Na Mara, Sandra and Yuelba were the biggest, fastest yachts racing on the Swan and offshore in the 50’s and 60’s, and were always the subject of numerous photos in the West Australian Newspaper.

Although Eun Na Mara occasionally beat Panamuna, Panamuna was definitely a faster yacht.

Panamuna is complete, with a full 3/4 rig ( from the ocean racer Farrawa), has a full set of sails ( one is new and hardly ever used), winches in place and all fittings….can be raced almost immediately BUT the hull is in poor condition, although the yacht is totally waterproof/ floating.

It has never had a motor the owner does NOT want this yacht to be broken up… he has a soft spot for hard cases and owns numerous wooden boats, and wants to see Panamuna out sailing again.

It is currently on a Third Party Insurance cover, has been slipped annually, but has NOT been surveyed.

Panamuna was once owned by Alan Bond but was famously raced by Bill Lucas.

Again, if you are interested, contact Bruce Cadee ( ph 0419 508 785) who will pass on any enquiries.